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San Diego Cake - Chef Michel Morlas

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Company Description
  Summary :    
  Patisserie du Soleil, Creator of Unforgettable Desserts, is primarily known as a European bakery making and distributing cakes, mousses, tarts, cheesecakes, quiches and other European pastry products as well as Mediterranean salads for wholesale markets in the San Diego area such as hotels, restaurants, open-air farmers' markets and individuals.  
  Ownership :    
  Patisserie du Soleil is a “sole proprietor” organization. The owner is Michel Morlas.  
  Company History :    
  Michel Morlas opened his operation in San Diego in 1993. he has spent years creating his products, marketing, operating sales and training employees. With the help of a part time chief, he makes products for hotels and reports such as The La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, Humphrey's by the Bay, La Costa Resort, L'Auberge in Del Mar and other fine restaurants in San Diego. Michel selects creations such as salads, quiches, cheesecake, tarts, various charlottes, cakes and mousses. The flavors vary with the seasonal fruits during the year. Holidays and special occasions always bring the best profits. Chef Michel is also wiling to share his knowledge with clients who are wiling to take on his hands on classes.  
  Business Objectives :    
  Michei's vision and objective is to bring to the connoisseur customer in San Diego Country the quality and freshness of products that they have long been waiting for.
  Goals :    
  • Expand retail patisserie shop to include open air farmers' markets
  • Increase exposure of brand name what its stands for
  • Raise funds and acquire sponsorship
  • Obtain a net profit
  • Have at least 6 sister locations distributing the products
  • Develop new products
  • Gain internet visibility through web site
  • Market individually to various genre of customers such as corporate events, young mothers, open-air market patrons and educational events across all skill levels.

  Mission Statement :  
Pastissierre du Soleil, Creator of Unforgettable Desserts will produce traditional European cakes, pastry and other desserts, Mediterranean salads and quiches which will be created them from scratch with all natural, fresh ingredients, without additives and with organic eggs. In order to compliment the quality of the product, presentations will be enthusiastic with an artistic, theatrical flair that appeals to all five senses. Chef Michel's motivation is to bring his personal knowledge and expertise to the highest level of both product and financial accomplishment. Products will be created for entertainment, exposure to the European life style and healthy eating

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