Chef Michel Morlas

Chef Michel was born in a small town of fruit trees and farms outside of Paris, France. As a young boy he became immersed in the culture of French Cuisine and began to learn the fine intricacies of the Patisserie. He studied at many exclusive French culinary institutes before bringing his talents to the United States.

Over the last 20 years, Chef Michel has been perfecting his baking skills in patisseries and 5 star resorts across the country from New York to Los Angeles to become a master Patissier.

Today, with his own unique bakery boutique near the San Diego Sports Arena, Chef Michel caters to the palettes of the beau monde, aristocracy and artisans alike. His gastronomical creations range from petite sweets to quintessential quiches.

Call Chef Michel today for your personal creation or to cater your party de elegance!

(619) 224-2253