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  Pastry Classes
Pastry Art Classes

Chef Morlas offers individual and group pastry classes for all skill levels at the Loma Portal Gallery kitchen. Learn the techniques with hands on experience from one San Diego premier pastry Artists.
Please call for more Information on Classes schedules and costs.

Learn the techniques for
  • Chocolate Pastry
  • Pate a choux
  • Pastry Cream
  • Creme patissierre
  • Sablee Dough
  • Pate Sablee
  • Pear Tatin
  • Tatin Aux Poires
  • Montage of Cro quem Bouche
  • Chocolate Garnish
  • Caramel
  • Questions and Techniques
  • Books and Advice

Make a list of items you would like to perfect or make next time.
Click on the picture below to see an online demonstration of Chef Morlas in action!

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